Our customers love VWS.

These are just a few of the customers we work with and the things they have to say about us.

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"I have to say it's a great pleasure working with y'all. I've chatted with other clients of yours on the phone and we can't get over the phenomenal customer service you provide! Thank you for being accommodating."

— Property Manager, Landmark Properties

“I’ve never worked with a company that cares more about the quality of their service than collecting their checks.”

– Property Manager, NE Management

“You guys are always great. Any company that doesn’t use y’all is really missing out. Thank you for REAL customer service, guys.” 

—– Property Manager, Oden Hughes

"Rolling out a trash service is generally extremely hectic. I'm amazed that we haven't had a single complaint working with y'all."

— Property Manager, NE Management

“This service is the best I have ever utilized and have never witnessed a team like yours working collaboratively to provide the best service in the business!”

– Property Manager, Embrey

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about John and his entire team at Value Waste Services. We have been so pleased with them and are beyond impressed at their level of customer service and personal commitment to our community. From the beginning, John has been quick to respond to our communication and continues to go above and beyond to ensure that we are happy with their services. His team is very timely with pick ups and conduct their business in the utmost professional manner. We have especially appreciated their willingness to assist us with special requests such as pick up from pet waste stations, mail room recycling bins as well as holiday trees on designated days.

— Assistant Property Manager, Greystar